Vanishing DAR Markers

Vanishing DAR Markers

Humphrey Scroggin was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. Note the DAR markers on his grave in Steenbergen Cemetery, Mt. Pulaski Township, Logan County, Illinois. He also has a flat military plaque. The stone was saved and repaired through the intervention of Dalen and the late Sandra Shellhammer, genealogists who oversaw the cemetery operations for years.

Literally just a few feet away is the stone for Revolutionary War veteran Abraham Lucas. The above picture was taken in 2001. Note the edge of the DAR marker. This Memorial Day that marker was no longer there. There is no military marker. You would not know Lucas was the forefather of many DAR members.

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  1. Cheryl,This problem of "missing" DAR markers is becoming a huge problem. They are taken as keepsakes or in some known cases because they are bronze and sold for scrap.What is now being done is the marker is embedded into the headstone. Hopefully these won't disappear.

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