Back on February 1, 2010, I said GEDViewer, a genealogy program for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, looked promising but couldn’t handle a large database. The programmer David Knight sent me an email saying yes it could, that the limit is based on your device memory. For my 3G iPod Touch 12 generations is probably the max. [GEDviewer is not to be confused with Genviewer, a useful product by Mudcreek Software.]

I loaded the program on my iPod Touch. It imported my 10,000+ name database efficiently. I was surprised at the speed. More, I was surprised that it didn’t eat all my iPod memory. In fact I hardly noticed. [How do they do that?]

I find GEDViewer to be better than FamViewer not to mention quite a bit cheaper. It is faster. When I open FamViewer it wants to import my gedcom which takes awhile. When I open GEDViewer it opens to my data.

When I had a question Knight responded promptly, not with a canned response but an actual answer.

Totally aside, FamViewer comes with a Kennedy family database. GEDViewer comes with a British royals database. I’m a Ricardian so I was delighted to have the British royals database.

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