Final Four – Who Are They?

Final Four – Who Are They?

This picture, taken during my lifetime, continues to baffle me. I am looking for the final four pieces in the puzzle. 

I can date the picture by the oldest and youngest. Edward Daniel Ryan died at Christmas 1950 and the infant is Jacqueline Green, born October 1949, making this warm weather after May 1950. From the background I would guess it was taken at Emagene Veech Green’s home in the country between Mt. Pulaski and Illiopolis.

There are 19 relatives in this picture. I identified 13. Emagene Green was able to identify two more. That leaves four we don’t know and yet we know they are almost undoubtedly descendants of Benjamin B. and Sarah Lucas Wood or the spouse of a descendant.

Back row, Irma Mae Ryan Sapp, Margaret Ryan Rentchler Graul, Janet Downing Rubin, Thelma Volle Downing, Vera Brown Downing, Ethel Ryan Downing, no clue, no clue, Bessie Wood Meade, Cora Ryan Lipp, no clue, Marie Wood Havener Heard, Mary Ryan Veech.

Front row, Betty Downing Rothwell Atwood, Lillie Wood Ryan, no clue, Edward Daniel Ryan, Emagene Veech Green, Jacqueline Green Kapper. I’m sure the two younger women in the front row got to sit because Emagene was holding a baby and Betty had had one in May.

Cora, Ethel, Mary and Margaret are among the 10 children of Lillie and Edward Ryan. The unknowns are not from their families. Bessie and Marie are daughters of Lillie’s brother Caleb Wood and his wife Marcy Conaway. The unknowns may be connected to them.

And, I wonder, where are the men and the rest of the children. Without a doubt I was there. 

If you know the answer to this puzzle PLEASE let me know.

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  1. Don't give up. I have a picture of my grandfather (he died when my mother was 13), his parents and his five sisters.I was able to find the names of my great grandparents by obtaining a birth certificate from Germany.At the beginning of the summer I used the free CD from My Heritage Family Tree. A few months later I got the "we have found matches" notification. My tree matched a tree in Hamburg, Germany. I found a cousin and her mother was still living. My grandfather and my cousins grandmother were siblings. My older cousin was able to identify and name all of my grandfathers sisters. I have since sent her many family photos because my older cousins pictures were destroyed in the bombing of WWII.You just do not know where a connection will happen. can read about it here…

  2. My sister, who was not born in 1950, asked if it was someone's birthday. Yes! It was Edward Daniel Ryan's 85th birthday on July 14. His son and his son's children are missing but otherwise all his surviving children are there. That doesn't explain the presence of the Wood ladies but that could be a coincidence.

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