More Pictures, More Story

More Pictures, More Story

We have pondered last week’s picture for more than a dozen years. For some reason it has always intrigued me. Sometimes you just need to put it aside. When you go back and ask the question again someone might have the answer. Or your brain may just kick in.

What’s event? My sister’s idea is likely the correct answer, Edward Daniel Ryan’s birthday, what would be his last one, July 14, 1950. We already knew it was taken in the summer of 1950 and that would make sense as the reason.

Where are the rest of the relatives then? I have literally thousands of pictures. The original picture came from my files – although there are multiple copies of it around. But I had not seen these two from Tessa Rasnick, a great great granddaughter of Lillie and Edward. She sent them to me sometime in the last year and I hadn’t really gotten to them [because there was another interesting picture in the group]. They are before her mother’s time but her great grandmother Mary Ryan Veech is in the pictures.

Here are Edward and Lillie Wood Ryan with all five of their then surviving children. Obviously this is the same day and location. Margaret, Mary, Lillie, Ethel, Edward, Cora [partially hidden], Wilford.

And here are more people, not too many of the men – and this was before tv – and more children. Of the males I only know my uncle Orville, last one on the left. All my older cousins are in the picture but I am missing as is my aunt Patricia, soon to be a bride.

Now I wonder if there are more pictures of that day hiding in a box in the back of a closet somewhere.

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  1. I really like the last photo with Lillie's head turned. At first I thought she was looking at Edward, perhaps with a question or an answer to his question. Then I looked again and now I think she and the little girl on the right end may have been talking to each other. I hope you find more photos. Having several from the same occasion would be wonderful.

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