GedStar Pro ?>

GedStar Pro

Each morning on my phone I am treated to the time, date, weather and an “on this day” for my genealogy courtesy of a program called GedStar Pro for Android which includes GedStar Today. I see birthdays I may have forgotten and learn dates important in my family history. I have used GedStar Pro for many years. It was first written for TMG, The Master Genealogist, which I used from the time it came out. After I switched to Legacy…

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Logan County Cemetery Map ?>

Logan County Cemetery Map

When hunting for a cemetery a map is useful. This map was created by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources by Kathleen Brown. I haven’t found a bad location but I was amused to learn the state thinks the cemetery in Mt. Pulaski is unnamed. It’s Mt. Pulaski Cemetery. Some cemeteries have other names. For example, Reece is generally called Shellhammer for the man who purchased the land after the Reece family moved to Kansas.   You can see a…

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Graduates ?>


These handsome fellows are all the males in the first graduating class of Mt. Pulaski High School in 1914. They are Harry Rothwell, Frank Turley, Alfred Litterly and Floyd Downing. There were females in the class but they took a separate picture. I haven’t seen but have talked to people who said they did.

Two Land Resources for Logan County ?>

Two Land Resources for Logan County

This is a map of Logan County from 1876. It’s from the David Rumsey Collection of historical maps. In addition to being a map of the county the townships and sections are marked and numbered. It can be used to locate land purchases for early settlers from the Government Land Records Office. For whatever reason, a few 1876 land owners are marked on this map.  

A Clue in Samuel Downing’s Bible ?>

A Clue in Samuel Downing’s Bible

Samuel Downing was born in Maryland. The family soon moved west. At the age of 18 he served with the Ohio Militia in the War of 1812. In 1818 he married Margaret Matthews in Pike County, Ohio. After her death he married her widowed sister Mary Matthews Day. Margaret and Mary were daughters of John Matthews, said to be a surveyor. The name of their mother is unknown. The only surviving Matthews child in 1880, William, said on the census…

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A Farmer is Born ?>

A Farmer is Born

On this  date 128 years ago in a farmhouse three miles northwest of Mt. Pulaski in Logan County, Illinois, Eliza Harding Downing gave birth to her second son, Ellis. The couple already had an 18 month old. When Ellis was two he got another brother.  This picture was taken when he was about 4, just before his maternal grandparents, their other daughter and three sons, none of whom were married at the time, moved to Iowa. His father’s father had…

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Restoration Movement ?>

Restoration Movement

The Lake Fork Predestinarian Baptists, formed in 1827, the first known organized religious group in Logan County, began to splinter and by 1860 members were leaving although a new church was built in 1868 and services were held until 1894. The Restoration Movement also known as the Disciples of Christ and generally know as the Christian Church took hold in the county and appears to have been the impetus for the movement away from the Baptists. There was a Buckles…

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Moved Away ?>

Moved Away

Recently I had a discussion with a relative – our mothers were cousins – about some family members. I knew they married but lost track after that. She remarked it was because I moved away. I have heard a version of that before. But you know, if your ancestors hadn’t “moved away” you’d still be living in a cave in eastern Europe or wherever they currently think we came from. Our mutual ancestors come from people who “moved away” for…

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Where Does It End? ?>

Where Does It End?

When I began entering my genealogy into PAF in the 1980s I pretty much stopped at my grandparents. Yes, my aunts and uncles, cousins and siblings, are there but not all the children of my grandparents’ cousins. Certainly not their children. Maybe not my cousin’s children. Vaguely there were concerns about privacy but also I wasn’t thinking about contemporaries. I was entering ancestors. With DNA there is the suggestion you need six generations of complete information. I’m doing ok –…

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Robert Clark Genealogy ?>

Robert Clark Genealogy

by Robert D. Clark, 1927Robert D. Clark was a descendant of John Winans Clark, one of three Clark brothers (really) who came to Illinois. The Clarks were all Methodists and many were involved in founding Methodist Churches. John’s brother David and David’s son Richard (who married John’s daughter Margaret) were ministers as were other Clarks who did not come to Illinois. Robert D. Clark was born in Laenna Township on September 30, 1844, and died in Mt. Pulaski on October…

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