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Month: May 2009

Presenting Dr. J

Presenting Dr. J

This isn’t about ancestors or ancestors hunting. It’s about this this very cute girl pictured with her grandpa.

Here they are a few years later. She’s a junior at La Lumierie in this picture taken after Sarah’s Bat Mitzvah. [Yes, Sarah got cut out for this blog.]

After spending more than 20 of her 25 years in school she is now Jenny Tristano, M.D. Shortly she begins her residency at a major Chicago hospital.

Congratulations Jenny!!!

All Your Notes, All the Time

All Your Notes, All the Time

How would you like to have all your notes with you all the time so you can’t forget something? It’s possible.

I’ve been using a product called Evernote for nearly five years. About a year ago it totally changed from a program on your computer to one that is shared. I admit I was reluctant but now I can’t live without it.

If you share your notebook or notebooks the notes are also on your personal space at Evernote and shared with everyone you have shared with. That could mean merely your other computers. Or it could be other people. Think of the possibilities. You could use a notebook to share information among all the researchers of a certain line.

A note I add to the notebook on my desktop computer is almost instantly there for me in the program on my netbook or my laptop. I can use my SmartPhone browser to go to the web space, see my notes, add new notes. If I used a Windows Mobile compatible phone I could have the program on my phone. It also works on Macs. And you can run it from a flash drive.

When you are researching on the web you easily clip from a web page and there it is in your notebook, including the URL so you don’t have to make a separate note. The URL works later if you need to go back. You can also clip from any document you can copy from on your computer — a word processor, spreadsheet, pdf, etc. Your notes are right there when you want to enter them into your genealogy program, insert in an email, add to a blog — whatever, wherever.

Did I mention you can include photos, audio, ink, pdf, anything you can scan in too? You can snap a photo with your SmartPhone and email it to your Evernote. If you photograph a document Evernote will recognize the text in the photo. Again, think of the possibilities.

The program is free for up to 40MB per month, $45 per year for up to 500MB per month.