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Month: September 2006



I was looking at various genealogy freeware recently and found some interesting programs.

One is Genealogy Finder. From the readme file: “Genfinder is a collection of more than 750 quality links in 27 categories. It is the result of hundreds of hours of surfing time and will no doubt save you time regardless what your level of expertise in Genealogy is.” Since it is free, easy to use and it doesn’t install on your system you have nothing to lose. I can’t swear every link is up to date but if you find even one that helps you you are ahead.

GenDB is free software to help you enter data on a cemetery. For the great people who actually walk and record cemeteries for fellow researchers this is a great way to record the data. It also works for researchers who only want to enter their own families in various cemeteries.

Simple Family Tree is a program for people who don’t want to bother with a complex program. Better, I think, it allows you to set out a small part of a family tree in a format anyone can understand. The downside is you have to type the information in. But it is free.

You can get an older version of Legacy, a genealogy software program. It was new in 2003 so it isn’t THAT old. And the price is right.

All of these programs can be obtained at various download sites. I was using CNet but there are many. PC Magazine has one. Tucows is a good one. Try searching for genealogy on the download site. Generally it is under hobbies or home and family. You will probably see one or more programs that appeal to you. Not everything on these download sites is free of course. Those you pay for can generally be tried before you decide to buy.

You can also go to the LDS site at and download their genealogy software, PAF, free.